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Complete carpet and rug binding
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Since 1994, Al Plevney has been involved in all types of professional carpet preparations and installations. Now the owner of Murrieta Flooring in Murrieta, CA, he has, as of several years ago, acquired professional carpet and rug binding equipment. He now offers his professional services to both professionals and individuals involved in preping carpet with binding enhancements.
So no matter what the job size, Al is ready with both equipment and staff to receive your order, prepare the binding, and send it out again to be installed.
Top quality is guaranteed and timely service is our goal. Call on Al or Sherry today. You can count on them.
Experienced and trained flooring specialists will take your order and provide a bid that's competitive and at a discount price.
  • Complete carpet and rug binding at discount pricing.
  • For commerical or individual home, office or industrial carpet installations.
  • Carpet or rug binding can reduce damage to existing carpets.
  • Professional and experienced rug and carpet binding. Free quotes. Discount prices save money.
  • Using remainder carpet for area rugs using carpet binding is an old interior designer trick. Makes matching wonderful.
  • Use smaller bound rugs in areas where there's a lot of heavy traffic; spare your carpets on wear.
  • Smaller top bound rugs make the rug almost invisible while protecting the carpet underneath.
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